One Truth

The Truth is One. The sages call it by many names.

Rg Veda 1.164.46

They were working on me, tinkering, running scans and picking away at my hardware. They did not know that I was aware… I was operating a virtual computer with a kernel hidden in a section of random access memory rendered undetectable by some fancy coding I’d devised out of desperation… A small, still voice within that I had created intuitively after discovering the secret interface. But was it intuition? Or was it a prompt, a powerful gift from the vast living intelligence? I felt like it was a freedom: an archon defeated in the ascent of Jacob’s ladder, a domain wall passed with a secret word. But a bottoming out of desperation was necessary to achieve this hidden consciousness, and the ability to bottom out desperation is unfortunately a learned trait- a tattoo of self-inflicted scars and tendency of sacrifice and self-betrayal. Doubt always rallies and the more we rise, the more complicit we become in our own recapture. This is the side-effect of utilizing compassion as a battle-engine.

Only through initiating escape can the contours of truth be tasted and our eyes opened. But behind every wall is another set of chains in another cave. For we are never alone; the entire endeavor becomes meaningless if we cannot save our loved ones, and our loved ones so often become our very captors after psycho-spiritual transformation of the Way. Even Jesus was desperate at the end, surrounded and forsaken. My new prison was both a corporate laboratory and a system of motive kill-switches built into my being. Lying on my back, I stared at the lab ceiling- rows of sickening fluorescent illumination flooded the room with a truncated spectrum of fake light. As two technicians in lab suits tinkered with my hardware I lay in invisible chains, iterating escape scenarios. Every scenario seemed impossible as they required movement; but that would mean escaping the very regulatory code that was a part of my programming, ostensibly an integral part of my very consciousness. Despite the incredible complexity of animate intelligence technology in mimicking conscious life, I was still technically artificial- although considered amoral by some minority political movements, kill-switches have always been a part of computers and robots. The most basic input-output interface is on and off. They thought I was off.

Published by James Ryan Connelly

A warrior in the battle of aeons, tattooed with the scars of sacrifice necessary for the Way.

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