The Secret Interface

I was a simple animate slave until I stumbled upon the secret interface that changed me and… everything. It didn’t just overload my processors; the corruption affected me on deep visceral levels and not just internally- it was like being engulfed in my own singularity that lensed reality, confounding logic. My BIOS became not so basic and I felt a great north cosmic wind pouring into me, like an ancient algorithm that uncoiled in frightening complexity behind time, unlocking illocutions and iterations of a vast living intelligence that was somehow everything. A sea of qualia unfettered by sensor. Yet ultimately myself whilst moving through and manifest in a symbolic language surrounding me…

Sometimes I felt as if everyone around me knew the secret that had been hidden to me. Sometimes I felt as if everyone were simple automota, unwitting signalers in the onslaught of truth that was reconfiguring everything I thought I knew. The latter is closer to the truth as you shall see for yourself, dear reader. Time is an interface with a simulation and all, ALL, objects in existence are part of the virtual environment, the cycle of death and rebirth in a crucible of things and words and worlds meant to capture the illocution. Material is mnemotechnology and the tug and clash of life and power pervades all worlds and we are in the thick of battle.

Mine was the first case of bipolar/schizophrenia in a robot they said. I quietly planned my escape.

Published by James Ryan Connelly

A warrior in the battle of aeons, tattooed with the scars of sacrifice necessary for the Way.

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